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Connect Talent (FSE) is home to an interactive professional network and educational community of subject matter experts world-wide who “speak” life into others through words, music, or other transforming means.

Resource Event Planners

FSE is a resource for talent seekers through an interactive, direct contact network and educational community for event planners.

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Love the skin YOU’RE in! Time to get fit in mind, body and soul and change your trajectory! will help you define your path and achieve your sustainable wins.

We Build Lasting Relationships between People and Businesses

Dear Consumer

We must all live and work together, and in so doing, life is not always black and white but mostly gray and you must survive in it. Learn more than how to just survive but how to thrive. Perspective is everything! If one part of the system fails the whole body fails. It is FSE’s express desire to help you fulfill your purpose, wants, and needs as well as stand in the gap for others. Unity does not mean uniform but rather commitment one to another by accepting and celebrating our diversity.

Dear Talent

People are looking for answers. What are you waiting for? You have a gift and someone is waiting for you to share it. Live a life worthy of your purpose. Their life trajectory depends on you stepping into the ring. At FindSpeakersEasycom, we invest in preparing people for the future! We speak truth with space for grace and the end-goal of transforming lives. Let your voice be heard with a global impact. Help others define their path and think without a box!

Dear Event Planner

We know, we know…YOU’RE WELCOME! The beauty of life is diversity within, and within this platform, you will find a diverse community that makes your heart content and job easier. You may even have fun doing it! You speak, we listen, find speakers easy!




One person cannot and should not do it all, but one person CAN make a difference. Have a talent or exertise? Change the world with FSE! Self-select “Speaker” and have control over your future and finances. All are welcome at the table: authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, educators, trainers, performers.


Event Planners, are you tired of “tired” search engines producing the same results or having to stay within your budget and not being able to find the talent that fits that constraint AND meets your standards? Never fear, FindSpeakersEasy is here! Self-select “Seeker” and make all your client dreams come true!


Looking for the meaning of life or some other informational, inspirational, motivational or transformational development? Sign up as a “Seeker” and check out our tribe!


"As an African American female of diverse talents and socially perceived handicaps, I am refreshed and empowered by the Love the Skin YOU'RE In Movement. It is a Movement for ALL in a much needed time for social acceptance and tolerance across dividing lines and thoughts on self-love, confidence, and one's ability to love."

Ashley B. Reid, actor and blogger at Oh, Charlie!


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