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FSE is an innovative, interactive, professional connection hub and database of experts across industries. It brings the search engine, social media, and matching site together into a single platform for users, experts, and advertisers, thereby significantly increasing access and the potential for 360⁰ business and service opportunities. FSE gives a voice to and provides an international platform for voices to be heard around the world to empower others.

Approaching the mold from an inverse perspective, FindSpeakersEasy.com guarantees access to a wide range of individuals at varying stages of talent shattering the monopoly concept facilitated by search engines or high-priced speakers’ bureaus. FSE hedges the bet that it’s divergent thinking platform is THE preference of both speakers and seekers for ultimate accessibility, possibility, process ease and control through functionality and filters that have never been seen before to make event planner searches easy with a host of options for a tailored fit.  Platform focus is not only on connecting the event planning dots, but also networking, community, and cross-pollination of ideas by developing members through group settings.

Project FSE is part of a broader “Think Without a Box” transformation, empowerment, and conscious capitalism initiative of Defining Paths to put people back in business by taking a stand for their future. The company and project were birthed out of 25+ years’ experience of successfully navigating challenges and complexities in event planning, organizational development, education, business, and human capital management.

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Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc (affectionately known as DocV) is a well-respected, highly sought after multi-disciplinary expert, change agent, and thought leader with over 25 years’ experience across industry circles including the performing arts, not-for-profit executive management. higher education, business, and government. Dr. LeBlanc has honed a portfolio of diverse skill sets amassing numerous competencies into her passion for transformation as an author, speaker, singer, coach, consultant, trainer, and educator.

Her 2017 autobiographical lessons learned work on societal mindsets and conditioned thinking, Love the Skin YOU’RE In: How to Conquer Life Through Divergent Thinking, was lauded as real and refreshing in its ability to catalyze thinking, free minds, and empower all those feeling “anything but normal” in seeking their place, trying to connect the dots, and fulfill their purpose in life.

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Connect Talent

FindSpeakersEasy.com (FSE) is home to an interactive professional network and educational community of subject matter experts world-wide who “speak” life into others through words, music, or other transforming means.

Resource Event Planners

FSE is a resource for talent seekers through an interactive, direct contact network and educational community for event planners.

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Love the skin YOU’RE in! Time to get fit in mind, body and soul and change your trajectory! FindSpeakersEasy.com will help you define your path and achieve your sustainable wins.

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